Full Mix Marketing Present Keynote at CIM B2B Conference

Full Mix Marketing Present Keynote at CIM B2B Conference

Sarah West, managing director of Full Mix Marketing, delivered an insightful keynote address to Friday’s packed Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) East of England Conference on Business-to-Business Marketing.

The popular day-long event, held at Norwich Cathedral’s Hostry on 27th April, is now in its third year. It attracted over 70 delegates from as far away as London and Nottingham, all keen to gather and share hints and tips on successfully marketing their businesses to other companies.

The day was led by the keynote address from Sarah, a CIM Chartered Marketer and founder of the growing Norwich-based agency. Sarah’s presentation focused on the different considerations when marketing to businesses and the lessons she has learnt delivering powerful promotions for her B2B clients.

“It was such an honour to be asked to present” says Sarah. “With a changing economy, evolving forms of media and ever more savvy businesses, it’s important the marketing community come to together to share information. We’re making a real name for the East as a hub for B2B expertise.”

The event featured a packed agenda of talks and workshops from experts from across the East and South East. Sarah was chosen to share her experience working both within businesses and as the founder of a successful marketing agency.

Sarah has just celebrated ten years as a CIM Chartered Marketer. “Achieving my Chartered status was an important milestone. Clients rightly expect strong skills and results, so they need assurance we know what we’re talking about” says Sarah. “There’s always new developments so it’s vital that marketers demonstrate professional leadership and keep learning.”

Norfolk Voice Features Our Tips for Successful Business Award Entries

The May/June 2018 edition of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Norfolk Voice’ business publication features five top tips from Full Mix Marketing on creating and submitting a successful business award entry:

  1. Answer the question

This is the most common mistake business award entrants make. Rather than directly answering the question, they simply communicate what they are most proud of.

Carefully read the criteria, identify the important qualities and make sure you specifically address them. Regardless of any other strengths you demonstrate, you will only be in the running if you first satisfy the key criteria.

  1. Keep it short and concise

Those vetting entries will likely begin by scan reading them, so summarise or use bullet points before elaborating further. Make appropriate use of the word limit but don’t pad. A punchy application is more likely to succeed than something that is long winded.

Don’t use jargon or give excessive details about your product or industry. Those assessing may have little sector knowledge, so keep language simple and explain why key details are important by providing simple context.

Only include supporting evidence that you actually refer to or is specifically requested.

  1. Tell a story

Many awards are won by companies who have been on a ‘journey’. Winners are often those with the most compelling story which supports the award organisers objectives.

Explain your inspiration, the steps you took and the impact. However, stick to the point and only include details which help build the narrative. Look at your entry as a whole and make sure it flows from start to finish. 

  1. Find the pearl

Satisfying the criteria alone is rarely enough to win, so try to identity the factor or achievement which sets you apart. If you’re the first, best or most daring, make sure the reader knows.

Statistic are a strong way to communicate success. Try to summarise your achievement with simple numbers and, depending on what’s stronger, talk in relative rather than actual terms. 150% growth is more impressive that a £50K increase!

  1. Take your time

If it’s worth entering, do it well. Plan your submission and make sure you get someone outside your organisation to proof read it and listen to their comments. If there is scope for visual design, present your entry in a clear, professional and appealing way.

View publication: https://issuu.com/distinctivepublishing/docs/nv46